New ministry name – Pure Words Mission

Please keep up with us at    We are expanding our ministry, we have a new vision for a children’s home, a new church, short term missions quarters, a Bible Institute and more on a mountain outside of Siguatepeque.  Please pray with us about this new vision...
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Javier has a duplex kidney

Would you please pray for our little guy, Javier.  We have been caring for him for almost a year, since the death of his mother.  Last week Jillian took him in to our doctor because he had a problem that turned out to be a urinary track infection.  This week we returned to...
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Please Pray – Residence Cards

Last year we were granted 5 year visas for the entire family to be in Honduras.  Each year we are supposed renew our residency cards, so last Fri. we went down to the capital to renew our cards. After paying for new cards, after all the paper work...
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We have only a very limited supply of water and so the women and children are doing most of the laundry at the pila.  We found that our nice washing machine uses 25 gallons of water per load of laundry, but you can do the same amount of...
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A six-day-old joins the crowd!

We were driving back from the capitol yesterday when we received a call from Identity Mission that DINAF Camayagua had a five day old baby that needed a temporary home. We stopped into DINAF and a couple hours later we took home this little fellow that had no...
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